We Specialize in New Tyres

New tyres have advanced tread compounds and an innovative approach to tyre profile design, choose from a range of new tyres for daily driving, track days or if you need a great tyres for mud shedding or more control on steep descents, choose one from our off-road range for an improvement to your driving..

We Specialise in Part Worn Tyres

All our part worn tyres are quality checked when they are traded by customers, bought or used in our operating centres by any other means; they are also checked again by a trained engineer before they are installed onto your car.

We use only the highest quality second hand tyres to ensure they last you as long as possible and help keep you safe on the road or off.

We deal in Tyres Swap Overs

If you want to swap your part worn tyres for one of ours then we can ensure the tyres you choose from us are the same standard of tyre you swap with us and are correct for your vehicle to ensure the most efficient and safe possible driving experience is delivered from our service to you

We Specialise in Wheel Tracking and Puncture Repairs

As well as many other services we also offer a wheel tracking service to our customers and repair any puncture unless it make your car unsafe in which case one of our trained adviser will ensure you make the best choice on what tyres type and quality you replace the damaged tyre with

We deal in Valve Changing

We also Deal in Reseal and Mechanical Services as well